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Easy. Quick. Accurate.

Cow pregnancy diagnosis that’s efficient & future proof!

Easily and accurately manage cow pregnancy diagnosis with the Alertys range of pregnancy tests.

Using proven testing protocols, Alertys tests detect pregnancy-associated glycoproteins (PAGs) in blood or milk. It’s a simple, modern and highly effective way to detect open cows and improve herd profitability. With less handling involved, you can reduce cow stress too.


By using Alertys, you and your Vet can free-up time to concentrate on strategic herd health planning and acute health issues, rather than the laborious manual approach to cow pregnancy diagnosis.

Which method is right for you?

Whether you’re focused on dairy or beef, there’s an Alertys test that’s right for you and for your production system!

Alertys Ruminant

Ideal for beef farmers

Alertys Ruminant is designed for beef farmersIt's a blood test that delivers consistent and accurate pregnancy diagnosis from 28 days post-AI.


For maximum efficiency, you can use this lab-based blood test to further expand your testing options - use the same samples to test for Johne’s disease, BVDV. etc.

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Alerty Milk

Ideal for dairy famers

For dairy farmers, it couldn’t be simpler. Just add Alertys Milk to your regular milk recording tests or individual sampling.


No extra handling, no extra work, no extra hassle – just reliable, accurate cow pregnancy testing using milk samples as soon as 28 days post-AI.

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Alerty OnFarm

Ideal for flexible testing

For any farmer seeking flexible testing on smaller groups of cows, there’s Alertys OnFarm.

A super-fast, easy and reliable blood test that gives point-of-testing pregnancy diagnosis results in between 5 and 20 minutes.



Alerty Rapid Visual

Ideal for veterinarians

Alertys Rapid Visual can be used for smaller-scale testing organisations, such as individual veterinary practices. 


No external lab equipment required, it can test up to 25 cows at once and gives results in around 30 minutes.

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