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"Excellent aid - Ease of use - Unbelievable time saver"

Let's hear more stories from the current users of Alertys OnFarm

Benoit Bellier

Rannee, France

"Able to do the Alertys OnFarm ourselves is very useful. 98% of the tests were well marked."

Thierry Guerin

Charolaises à Fleurigné, France

"The result is quick and totally feasible, 100% correct detection of open and pregnant cows."

Guillaume Korn

90 cows, Earl Saint Adelphe, France

"The results came very fast and clear. I could not find any disadvantages and would recommend it to the others. In my case, Alertys OnFarm turned out to be very useful."

Edoardo Borgia

240 cows, Le Rogaie farm, Grosseto, Italy

“By using the test, the diagnosis can be brought forward to 28 days and this time interval on a possible negativity is essential and must be made up for. Another advantage of the test is ease of use."

Laurent Meriaux

Innovation director at Eilyps, France

"We tried Alertys OnFarm for 10 farms, and their feedbacks are as follow: it's simple to use, easy to implement, quick & efficient in term of results."

Thomas Hervagault

Pocé les Bois, France

"The results are visible quickly and correspond well to the control carried out by the ultrasound on the cows. I had 100% success"

Adrian Wagner

95 cows, Earl de Valhof, France

"The test is very simple. Just a few drops of blood is enough to see if the animal is pregnant or not. The results are very visible and easy to read, and as reliable as ultrasounds"

Franco Martinengo

Barge (CN), Italy

“With the test I have a precise and timely diagnosis of non-pregnancy. Ready to fertilise the cow again so as not to waste any more time!”

Pierrick Messager

Manager at Eilyps, France

"The feedback is very interesting. Of the 6 farms in the trial, all are satisfied with the test and they appreciate the fact that Alertys OnFarm comes with its speedy and instant results"

Amael Gattaux

90 cows, Earl du Bon air, France

"Alertys OnFarm comes with these benefits: early detection from days 28 post-AI and its fast speed. We were able to get the results quicker, which gave us a good indication of problem cows."

Maurizio Reina

Veterinarian at Buiatri Le Rogaie Farm, Italy

"Alertys OnFarm is an excellent aid for the Vet. It can be performed when the diagnosis cannot be made by palpation or when the farmer needs to make quick decisions and the technician is not available, providing a precise and accurate contribution. ”

Phil Trowbridge

Trowbridge Angus, Ghent, New York

The Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test for us has been an unbelievable time-saver because we can do it whenever we want.”

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