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Alertys is easy-to-use and 99% accurate

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Alertys PAG Explainer

Written by Owen Atkinson - founder of Dairy Veterinary Consultancy Ltd, this doc will explain what PAG testing is, how it differs from other chemical pregnancy tests, its accuracy, specificity and sensitivity, and many more.

Alertys PAG Explainer.jpg

Alertys Test Performance

Check out the summary of each Alertys test performance, including the sensitivity and specificity data, day of detection and days postpartum. The data are based on IDEXX Alertys Validation Reports

Pregnancy Test Performance.jpg

ELISA Technical Guide

The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is one of the most sensitive and reproducible technologies available. This ELISA technical guide will increase your awareness of ELISA techniques and help you maintain proficiency with this methodology.

ELISA Technical Guide.jpg

Alertys Milk - User Guidance

Developed by IDEXX, this paper presents a decision tree and comparison between 5-plate and 30-plate Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test kit

Alertys Milk User Guidance.jpg

Milk Sample Collection Guide

The quality of samples taken for any diagnostic procedure is extremely important. Correct identification and a truly representative sample are critical for obtaining optimal diagnostic test results. Here is a protocol for the manual collection of milk samples for pregnancy testing

Alertys Milk Sample Collection.jpg

Alertys Milk - Pocket Guide

Information about Alertys Milk Pregnancy Test in one place - how it works, why farmers should check for pregnancy in cow early, implementation of the test in dairy farming and some dairy farmers' questions. 

Milk PAG Test pocket guide.jpg

Alertys OnFarm - Pocket Guide

Need some concise and handy content about Alertys OnFarm Pregnancy Test? Check out this pocket guide, which you can learn on how the test works, the benefits, suggested testing windows, types of precaution to take while running the test, and FAQs.

OnFarm pocket guide.jpg

Blood Sample Collection Kit

If you are interested in one of Alertys blood-sample base tests, this blood sample collection kit can be useful for you. The doc provides step-by-step instruction on how to collect a blood sample from a cow's tail for diagnostic testing

Blood Sample Collection Kit.jpg

Alertys RVPT Sample Worksheet

For veterinary practises that are using Alertys Rapid Visual Pregnancy Test, this sample worksheet can be a tremendous help for you during the testing process

RVPT Sample Sheet.jpg
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