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27/07/22, 05:00

There is nothing more precious than peace of mind

Tadeusz Olszewski

100 cows, Podlaskie, Poland

"I have been using PAG testing since early 2019 and it is very convenient! I have calving information right after the trial milking. All I have to do is specify when and which cows to test. The rest happens in the laboratory, and I don't have to worry about anything" says Tadeusz Olszewski, whose herd numbers as many as 110 cows.

There is nothing more precious than peace of mind!" - says Tadeusz Olszewski of Podlaskie Province. - "The PAG test from milk gives you reliable calving information without fuss in the barn or stress. All you have to do is enter the number of the cows you want to test for calving at the trial milking.“ Yes, it's that simple!

Tadeusz Olszewski
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