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High producing cows need to rest and the test can help do so

Rene Sondergard

178 cows, Denmark

Rene Sondergard, owner of 178 cows based in Denmark, has been using our milk pregnancy test in the past 6 years.

"We are really satisfied with the test", he said. "We take the first test after 35 days and we used it again before dry-off period".

According to him, test results came back quite fast, only within 2-3 days after the testing day. For the milking process, Rene uses the 'Milking Robot A4 Lely", and he also has heat monitors which he then combines it with the milk pregnancy test.

"This gives us a lot of spare time with checking cows for pregnancy, and another saving point is that we don't need to separate cows for palpation" - he mentioned during the interview.

"It is quite important for high producing cows to have good rest, so with the milk pregnancy test, we don't have to block the cows for pregnancy diagnosis as in the traditional ways".

Concerning the service cost, Rene thinks it is fair and at the same level as other methods.

Rene Sondergard
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