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Save lots of time and our technician can focus on his job

Jorgen Sonderby

390 cows, Jutland, Denmark

Jorgen Sonderby is an owner of two farms, one is in where he lives and the other is 5km from his place, consist of 260 cows and 130 cows respectively.

Recently, he was inspired by an idea from New Zealand with the seasonal calving, so he's have all the calves born from 1st of June - 1st of August, and then the cow insemination process took place 2 weeks later on 15th of August. At that time, it was very busy but thanks to the milk pregnancy testing service, he and his colleagues managed to cut out parts of workloads, because most of the process was done automatically and the team didn't have to spend time separating cows.

"We have been using the milk pregnancy test in the past 5 years. At the beginning, we weren't sure if the test worked, but uptil now, we are trusted it 100% and using this method mainly to check for cow's pregnancy." - said Jorgen.

"We also combine the heat monitor with the test, so the open cows are easy to be found. In the first three weeks, we've tested 90-95% of our cows and the pregnancy rate is about 60% post-AI."

With regard to the testing window perioid, Jorgen uses the milk test from 28 days and from 75 days after insemination, so he doesn't have to check out cows extra and everything just runs automatically.

"For the price, it's at the level that we think it's okay. And with the test, our livestock technician can focus his main time on the insemination process in order to obtain the best results, and he doesn't need to worry about pregnancy testing".

Jorgen Sonderby
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