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16/09/20, 22:00

We are extremely satisfied

Debbie and Arthur Walters

60 cows, Cornwall

Dairy farmers, Debbie and Arthur Walters, milk 60 cows at Higher Rillaton Farm, Cornwall. They have been using the milk pregnancy test service since 2014.

After seeing a flyer through CIS marketing for the milk pregnancy test, which for CIS is called ‘PregCheck’ service, the Walters decided to first test the service in a small group of cows.

It worked really well and was very simple to use, so we then decided to continue using the service for the whole herd".

Debbie and Arthur check for pregnant cows early and routinely every month, from 28 days after AI. They are on the CIS DIY recording service, so they know that the sample collection is done correctly, which is of high importance to them. Debbie comments "Sample collection is key for accurate results because carryover from the previous cow could give an inaccurate result.

They use the PregCheck service on the milking cows, while the Vets are used to check the heifers and problem cows.

Ease of use is one of the main reasons why they started to use the PregCheck service because the samples are already at the lab, but the test also has other benefits for Debbie and Arthur; “the test is non-invasive, and the high accuracy of 99.9%, which we achieve on our farm is really impressive”, say the Walters.

"The PregCheck service has been perfect for us and it brings great results. We are extremely satisfied and would highly recommend it to other farmers".

Debbie and Arthur Walters
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